biofuel for Haiti

Georges Valme - February 11 2009, 8:29 PM

Attached you will find the biodiesel stove prototype demonstration, next we will be working on the biodiesel barbecue.

I also received today 02/11/09 on a special order our first WVO/SVO generator, this generator was specially made for HAAI with a stainless steel piston rings and other features to handle waste oil.
I installed it in my truck to make demonstration all over Miami, if you are ever around, just give me a call and i will schedule a time to make you a demonstration.

the generator works with waste cooking oil, jatropha oil, castor oil, cooking oil and biodiesel and even waste motor oil.
I have a second one that I am going to send to Haiti to start making demonstrations and promote the plantation of jatropha and castor oil.
80% of the electricity produce in Haiti is made from Generators and they can grow there own fuel and pay may be $ 2.00 for castor and jatropha instead of $ 4.00 for a gallon for imported diesel fuel, that will give a boost to our plantation efforts.

I will try to make a movie and post it on utube this weekend for everyone to see, except the sweet smell of French fries they will not get it.

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