Help Us Provide Clean Water in Haiti!

International Action - April 15 2009, 11:16 AM

For all the readers out there who want to DO SOMETHING to help Haiti, to save the lives and prevent diseases, or at least learn about what one non-profit it doing, please visit International Action's website,

International Action is increasing the availability of clean water in Haiti using highly efficient chlorinators.

They are demonstrating in Haiti that an inexpensive chlorinator with new safe chlorine tablets can provide clean water in even the poorest community for less than 25 cents per person per year. In addition to installing these water chlorinators, they also distribute inexpensive de-worming pills in schools and neighborhoods.

Since 2006 International Action has provided 400,000 Haitians with clean water, and this number will only increase with your help. YOU can help International Action save lives in Haiti by visiting

You can also learn more about International Action by checking out our YouTube video using this URL:

Join our cause and become part of the solution!

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