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Adminstrator - April 19 2009, 10:30 AM

There are many inaccuracies in your statement.

First and above all there are many Internet Service Providers in Haiti.

Hainet is just one among many and not necessarily the best. Just to mention a few: AccessHaiti, Multilink, Acn...

All provide wireless high-speed internet which in theory can give you speed on par or higher than any DSL or cable connection.

All three mobile phone operators offer some form of internet access also. Speeds vary from high-speed (through Haitel) to some form of improved dial-up (Digicel and Voila).

Other alternatives include satellite internet access.

Two US companies are still very popular on that field: Starband and Hughesnet.

Speed is fair enough but this option is not ideal for VOIP phone calls because of the high latency.

Now I agree with you that prices and reliability are not comparable to similar services in the US and the Dominican Republic.

But change is coming and prices are already dropping.

Haiti lacked so far a direct connection to the internet international backbone and for the last few years Haitian Internet Service Providers have been buying bandwidth to the Dominican Republic.

This has been a very expensive an unreliable solution.

But Haiti has now its own fiber optic submarine cable connection and this should drastically reduce cost and improve reliability in the upcoming months.

Amazingly the submarine cable is operated by Teleco and the Bahamian Authority.

And yes Tele Haiti is still operating and is presently upgrading its analog cable service to digital.

I do not know if they have any plan for internet access.


Haiti Internet Access

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