re: hugues sanon comment on president obama

By: God S Child (replying to Msg 10976) - June 29 2009, 1:21 PM

you post a message on the web about the president and you didn't think that pple will reply to it?

keep in mind that this website is not only visited by haitians.

other people visit it also. now you feel disrespected because someone ask you where did you get such information.

If rick sanchez post something on cnn and someone replies to it, he is not going to say that he was disrespected.

rather he will just tell them where he got his information from. One thing that is hurting the haitian community is once you ask a question, peolpe tend to get soft hearted for no reason.

when you are talking about politics then please expect for some questions to be asked.

some maybe tougher than others and this one was not a tough one.


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