RE: Outlaw voodoo in Haiti

By: Taty (replying to topic) - August 22 2009, 6:56 PM

Vodoo is the essence of the haitian people.

we probably never think about vodoo in a positive way to see what it have done for us. This outrageous people! We are from Africa and vodoo ancree nan nou menm. This is unbelievable! I can't even believe of somebody asking that question.

Oh yeah, maybe we should bleach our skin and outlaw dark skin in Haiti too. Nou fout fou, Vodou se racine Ayisyen li ye; ke ou sevi, ke ou pa sevi ou konnen tre byen kisa vodou ye. On a peut-etre pas utiliser le vaudou d'une maniere positive, but outlaw the vodoo in Haiti, is the same as rejecting ourselves.

We need to accept our cultural background ; that's the first of many ways other nations will start respecting us as Haitians and the First Black Republic in the world.


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