Is change coming to Haiti? what do you think?

Henry Dorval - January 25 2010, 12:45 PM

Can the Haitian people change?

Can there be a new mentality in the heart of the Haitian people?

Can my people find the strength and the knowledge to stop promoting/supporting MEDIOCRITY?

Anything or most people that makes the most noise in the Haitian community usually has no value or substance.

Really if you make a deep analysis of what or whom most people are running after, you will find it ludicrous.

be it a music or an artist.

It's time for Haitians to be able to differentiate between Excellence and Mediocrity.

It's time to promote Excellence in our community.

Then we'll have a chance at a better quality of life.
When you keep supporting or voting mediocre people to lead, you end up with the type of the leaders we have representing us today?

so called leaders that have no clues at all.
Can we finally reject all cultural nonsense, and turn to the only true God and serve him?

WHen Yahwey speak, the earth melted !! what would have happened, if this earthquake lasted 2 minutes?

never thought of that?

We must pray every day for change, a change that comes from within.

to pray for change, one must admit that things aren't right.

I think it's really pathetic to keep holding on to a system or a philosophy that does not work.
Everybody changes.

only the idiots refuse to change.

It's very unfortunate, that some people still believe that the country was doing OK prior to the earthquake, all we needed were jobs, they said...


Our compatriots need to wake up.
this is the greatest wake-up call ever, a very costly but a much needed one.
It's time to change.

It's time to rebuild.

this process must start right now, in our minds.

In the minds of great Haitian thinkers and doers.


What do you see?

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