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Jean-guy Sylvain - February 22 2010, 6:33 PM

I am adding my own technical input to your posting.

I have been installing Brodband system for Hughesnet at CVS, Walgreen's, KFC, mobil gas station etc. in New york( all 5 boroughs) and florida,( Port St Lucie to the Keys) and I also work as a Desktop Support for Hughes.

The best installation in remote area will require CONSTANT POWER input, which means that you need a power regulator, generator does not have constant power so is solar panel, cloud, rain or snow or Hurricane wind of less than 100 miles per hour should not be problem.

The Satellite never goes down, as some people thinks.

The best satellite to be on is Satmex6 in Mexico, reason is a newer satellte.

I am currently selling a complete system: .98 dish with 2 watt radio and a 7000 modem send an E-mail at pouchon56 at for more details.

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