President Ren Prval is responsible for tens.....

Paul G. Magloire - March 9 2010, 2:21 PM

President René Préval is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in Haiti

Open Letter to President Lula of Brazil, Obama U.S., Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister Harper of Canada

Paul Gustave Magloire

March 9, 2010

President René Préval is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in Haiti


Presidents and Prime Minister

Gentlemen, I was privileged to meet three of you, except the President of the United States, when I served my country in public office, either as a Special Advisor to the Government or a Minister Interior of my country.

I take this opportunity to thank you for showing great generosity to the people of Haiti is going through the hardest time in its history.

We will be forever grateful.

Let me remind you that January 12, 2010, an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 has, in the blink for 36 seconds, devastated and reduced to ruins, the capital of my country, Port-au-Prince, and to a lesser degree cities Gressier of Leogane, Grand Goave, Petit-Goave and Jacmel.

Following this earthquake, more than one million of our brothers and sisters are sleeping under the stars today, among them children, babies, pregnant women and old men, wounded and amputees by thousands and thousands other people who were already disabled, or who were maimed during the earthquake, either by losing an arm or leg, or even have all the members of their body completely fractured.

Once past the first moments of stupor, the Haitian people, all ages and all classes combined, was launched with bare hands or with makeshift tools to attack the houses and buildings collapsed to search and remove the rubble of thousands of wounded and people who were uninjured.

This act of courage equated with heroism, continued day and night until help arrived made by your country and other members of the international community.

We will never stop thanking you for the many lives of our brothers and sisters who have been saved.

But during all this time, where were the President of Haiti, Mr. René Préval and his government?

It is reported that establishing the scale of the tragedy, they got scared and considered fleeing the country to escape the wrath of the population.

They have publicly emerged only after they were reassured by the presence of troops who had arrived in the country to provide relief where the population needed.

But even after President Préval was finally out of the hole where he had holed up, he did not even have the decency to send a word of compassion for victims.

His only lament, before the cameras of CNN, that he had lost "his" palace.

It showed as he felt nothing in his heart for the Haitian people in distress.

But Mr Preval had a good reason to fear the wrath of the population.

For without the actions of Mr. Preval and his government, thousands of lives have been saved.

Indeed, before the arrival of Mr. René Préval to power in 2006, for a second term, the country had been governed by a transitional government for a period of 2 years.

I then had the honor of being the Minister of Interior and Local Government in the had held elections that brought Mr. Préval to power.

My team and I had diagnosed the condition of population concentration in the capital, Port-au-Prince, was a danger to the public.

Because the city had been planned to accommodate 300,000 people and had yet accumulated over the years, about 10 times more inhabitants.

Thus, most of the population lived outside urban infrastructure, no water, no electricity and poor sanitary conditions.

In addition, construction of houses and buildings did not follow any code of rational construction for an area that was traversed by a fault tectonics.

An earthquake had destroyed the city in the past. So anytime we could expect a disaster that could be caused by an earthquake or as an epidemic, given the sad state of environmental health.

So, we took important steps to launch a broad program of decentralization of the capital.

Among the most visible measures, we established a community charter to facilitate decentralized operations.

In this context, we launched the construction of the road in the country's most modern in the last 20 years to link the city of Cap-Haitien in the north to the Dominican Republic.

We started to provide each department's geographic country of an administrative complex to house the decentralized central government and enable them to function in a modern setting so that public offices can provide quality services to taxpayers.

We even launched a telematics system that would equip all municipal offices across the country parabolic antennas to enable them to access the Internet via satellite and share information in real time. The ultimate goal of this administrative and technology was to facilitate and encourage the population of Port-au-Prince to leave the capital, Port-au-Prince, which floated many risks and settle for a new life in provincial towns.

Upon the arrival of Mr René Préval and his team in power, they have taken all measures to end the program devolution.

Most projects were blocked, and diverted funding, forgetting that the decentralization and deconcentration programs that were able to save thousands of lives in case of earthquakes or epidemics.

The question that any reasonable person might ask is this: why a government that was elected to serve a people could act against him and not even stop to provisions that could be harmful to people?

The first response would be to put it down to the incompetence of Mr. Preval and his team. Not really.

Because I publicly defended the importance of devolved capital and decentralization for the good of the population.

I was even meeting with the President himself in a final effort to convince him on the subject.

However, every effort was vain. For Mr. Preval believes in concentration.

The population is held hostage in the slums of the capital is a political instrument that is used to retain power and that also attracts international charity.

Mr Preval was aware of the problem or the risk that running population.

But he was desperate to enrich and sustain power.

Finally, it suffers, like so many heads of state of Haiti before him, the disease of power in life is that our country is today the poorest in the hemisphere.

In fact, to satisfy his inordinate desire to continue in power and enrich himself, Mr. Preval and his team did not shrink from murder.

The 64 projects launched by the Ministry of Interior, under the program of decentralization of the capital, have been slow and has not been completed before the end of my visit to this department, that the Director of office position to monitor the contracts signed by the Government, Mr Robert Francis Marcello, asked me to submit all contracts signed by my department to review by his office.

Despite the urgency, I demanded of my colleagues to undergo the rigor of good governance.

For this was the official symbol of what was best in the country's administration.

So, Mr. Marcello, unfortunately for him, had asked the team to Mr. Préval to undergo the same inspection system.

But instead, Mr. Marcello will be kidnapped in broad daylight.

Since then, he is missing.

We've known through the statements of a hitman who has been arrested in the Dominican Republic and extradited to France for the murder of a French consul, that the palace was ordered to execute Mr. Marcello making him pass a truck on the truck body.

The list of misdeeds of Mr. Preval and his team is too long to fit in this letter.

This regime is considered the most corrupt in history.

Everything is done openly, it's rigged elections, looting the public treasury of drug trafficking and even acts of murder.

Thus, no embassy established in the country can pretend to ignore these facts.

So if today the international community supports this government, on the basis of legitimacy that he no longer has to be responsible for rebuilding the country, as saying the Haitian people that don ' has no right to dream that he will one day have a democratic, modern and prosperous.

Haiti can not die, so Mr. Préval must go. There are men and honest women in the country who can form a government of hi public and organize free, fair and democratic.

Thus, we are asking friendly countries to support the Haitian people through this process.

A people is not always the government it deserves.

Presidents of Friends, Mr. Prime Minister, we are honored to welcome you on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Haiti

Paul Gustave Magloire

Former Minister of Interior and Local

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