RE: President Ren Prval is responsible for tens.....

As - March 13 2010, 1:49 AM

It is a shame for those haitian to blame one person for the tragedy that happening in the country without blaming the entire system.when other people or country ear your comment as educated haitian they make a foul out of you can tell me that you where a ministre then you try to prove the incompetance of preval without seeing you first.

you make a good point where you stated that the country have no building code. is preval responsible for that?

You mention that the city can afford only 300,000 people and over a million leave in it. as a ministre did you bring this concern before the past president with a plan to work on it. before anybody blame other people you shoul considere yourself.

what have you been done for the country.

most of the haitians are those that are standing outside the soccer game and tell the players what to do. Mr Magloire you should feel ashame of yourself by pointimg out that you where a ministre.


President Ren Prval is responsible for tens.....

President René Préval is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in Haiti Open Letter to President Lula...

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