RE: 1000 houses to be built in arcahaie

Mike Raymond - March 14 2010, 7:43 PM

That's a good start I thank them for that, next they need to build an airport in cap haitian and then they need to start thinking about modernizing the other cities.

That way it will decrease the population in the capital, like they should build the roads, build schools, clinics, and send tractors for agricultures people need these tools to work, it would make it a lot easier to cultivate the lands.

We need a sewer system, electricity, and many more before we can see haiti in a different light.

We need to produce our own products so there will be jobs in the country, we need a lot but all I can do is ask for im in no position to take actions.

Sincerly, mike raymond


1000 houses to be built in arcahaie

a village for haiti. 1,000 houses, a school, a chapel, a civic center, a health care facility and the infrastructure...

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