Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar Challenge

Color Of Hope - April 9 2010, 9:20 AM

The Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar Challenge

It is said that the Haitian Diaspora holds the key to Haiti success.

well this challenge will either validate or destroy this belief.

Here is the challenge: Raise 1 million dollars in the next 22 months.

the money will go to open educational centers in Haiti, but what the money will do is not nearly as significant as the powerful message we, as Haitian Diaspora, will send to the world and to our haitian brothers and sisters.

This will be a simple measurement of our commitment to Haiti as its diaspora.

When we are able to do this together this will once again reaffirm our belief "l'union fait la force" (Unity is power).

Over 3oo, ooo have lost their lives during the earthquake of January 12, we have until january 12, 2011 to be over the $300,000 mark, which is an average of $33.333.33 a month.

You ready?

log on to colorofhope.org/Diaspora_Challenge/Haitian_Diaspora_Challenge.html and donate 1 dollar to the Haitian diaspora challenge, and if you think you are your brother's keeper add a dollar more for each person you know ( family or friends) who may not be able to donate, it is just that simple.

by the way, after you donate don't forget to check back with us as the website will be updated weekly to show our progress and we hope this will be a weekly rendez-vous for you as we try to once again make history, Thank you.

The Importance Of Meeting This Challenge
The 200 year struggle since our independence has incrementally robbed us of our confidence to make history again.

The true meaning of our creed "L'union fait La force" ( unity is power) has not been lived out and frankly many begin to doubt our ability to truly unite.

This challenge, in addition to providing a much needed boost and support to Haiti educational system, seeks to give back the confidence of yes we can make history again.

As our Haiti remains on life support we can't afford to have anyone, yes not even you, on the sidelines.

Please join in by making your 1 dollar donation now.


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