lost cause haiti is not.

J. C. Charlot Charlemagne - June 19 2010, 7:49 AM

I do not have to get into that, everybody already knows.

The enemy is not a color or an entity.

The enemy is an idea that rules in that color or lack of it. People must be able to recognize the enemy no matter what his color, because the enemy is anyone who is focusing on the idea of the enemy.

If the idea is to divide and conquer, then anyone who will divide us to keep us a prey in the hands of our enemy is part of the enemy.

People have to recognize the time and what must be done. What time is it?

It is the end of 200 plus years news, period of rule given to the idea of Pharaoh through Neo-liberalism, and it is beginning of the time of the rise of Konfraternité.

If it is time of the end of Pharaohs, you cannot go to them begging them for food because they do not have it to give us anymore without condition.

We should depend of ourselves.

It is time for us to do something for ourselves.

It is time for us not to go to the neighbor for his education.

It is time for us to educate ourselves because they are going to educate us in a way to serve them, and our time of being their servant is over. It is time for us to come back and serve each other and ourselves.

We must join onto our own kind and stop trying to join onto somebody else. The same way some would get together in what is called a gang because they have certain things in common.

What is more common than the fact that we are Haitians?

What is more common than the fact that we are the Children of slaves?

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