lost cause haiti is not

J. C. Charlot Charlemagne - June 19 2010, 7:51 AM

We are normally and naturally Brothers and Sisters, flesh of each other's flesh, blood of each other's blood, and bone of each other's bone. If there is going to be any integration, let it be from a position of strength through Agro Konbit.

You cannot integrate with people stronger than us. We will be taken over. However, if we integrate with ourselves and we become strong, then whomever we want to sit down and form an alliance with, it will be from a position of strength for progress through Konfraternité.

It is almost unbelievable to see our people flounder in the mud, that our very educators and intellectual people desire nothing more than to remain in the free mental shackles of slavery with nothing constructive for themselves and for the sake of Haiti.

After many, of which 1915-1957 to this date, the Pharaoh claims they have freed us, there has not been much of an effort on our part to go free in deed.
Imagine Haitians with B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Europe, Canada, America, still begging the Pharaohs to care for them as their fathers did in slavery times.

This actually shows that the more highly educated and trained our people are, the more they want to be treat as slaves.

They are leading their poor brothers and sisters the Lafossette (Cap), Cite Simone, the Saint Martin (Port-au-Prince), the Raboteau (Gonaïves) into a more slave condition than our parents were in, because this type of slavery (mental slavery) is worse than physical slavery.

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