Haiti 206 years of dysfunction Not a lost Cause.

J. C. Charlot Charlemagne - June 19 2010, 7:57 AM

WE notice in talking to most intellectual Haitians, people can see readily in their conversations that they want to be members in the society of the High Class.

They care not what happens to the masses in the mud. We could do wonderful things for ourselves if we get the idea of social equality.

The degree of education we have today, given to us by the Pharaoh, can be used effectively to go for self if we want to go for self. Some of us do not like doing something for themselves.

Moreover, that he knows, but he is not telling us. He is allowing some the chance to make a fool of themselves and be caught at that time like a grasshopper that enjoyed summer weather.

However, cold weather kills the grasshopper; it freezes it to death because he has no house to lodge in. Some do not want to be separated from the enemies, regardless of what kind of treatment they receive, and they do not want us separated from them as long as they can hold us with them. Some of us serve as a protection for them and they know some love them and want to be like them. They will agree with some when they say separation will not settle the problem, while that is the main step to take from an enemy who will not do justice.

Some will not even go out of the enemy's house, or from the front of his gate to do something for self that he will allow to do. Then, we need, as a start, Agro Konbit, that is: Farming.

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