I support Wyclef for president

Michel Louis - August 11 2010, 1:11 AM

I would like to say to anyone who thinks Wyclef is not qualify to be president of Haiti to explain to me what makes a person qualify to be president of Haiti?

To me, I believe Clef is very high qualify to be president of Haiti.

I support him 100%.

Where are the high qualify people when the people are suffering, when our belove Haiti is so poor. Where children cannot go to school freely.

Where we are fighting among ourselves everyday.

Killing one another because of his political opinion.

Where we cannot even solve our problems.

Where are the qualify people?

Who are they?

If speaking French was the most important thing for a person to be president of Haiti, we would have been the most richest country in the world.

I remember back in the days when young Haitians were ashamed to say that they were Haitians.

After Wyclef went on TV with a Haitian flag receiving awards on MTV and VHI then we started to see young Haitians all over the United States doing the same thing.

In 1974 I was three years old, therefore I was too young to understand anything about was Haiti in the World Cup in Germany.

As a former soccer player, and crazy about Brazil, I witnessed the Haitian flag waving high in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, carried by our future president Wyclef Jean. If Clef is not qualify, who is?

Because, he doesn't speak French.

What about our Creole Clef been speaking everywhere he goes. Does not Creole a language?

Don't we Haitians speak and understand Creole anymore?

Please, vote for Wyclef Jean. Thank you. I approve this message.

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Haitian Author Jean Pe says...

I do not agree about some of things you said, but anyway I was one of the first one to oppose Wyclef Jean presidency... more »

Buzz says...

I approve your message too, but let's face it, he does not have any political background or political knowledge, guess... more »

Haitian Author Jean Pe says...

stop that nonsense! Isn't it time enough to let the people of Haiti see the fact for themselves and know their real... more »

Sovehaitidotcom Forum says...

I agree with you in 1trillion % and it seems like the majorities of Haitian people don't even know what they want as... more »

Buzz says...

I myself live in the U.S.and I can understand how you feel but life isn't getting easier any where, not in the U.S and... more »