RE: I support Wyclef for president

Haitian Author Jean Pe - August 11 2010, 10:09 PM

stop that nonsense!

Isn't it time enough to let the people of Haiti see the fact for
themselves and know their real culprit problem is. Let them see or explain clearly to them how the U.S. making life hard for them so we Haitian people can always want to come to their countries and working hard making their economy grows so much while Haiti getting poorer?

Clinton loves Haiti by showing up his back to back vain talking.

It's only because he's white that you believe that. You won't believe many black people when they tell their true.

I live in U.S. I see it all. If he loves Haiti for real, he was president, in fact he's one of them that put embargo in Haiti.

He's one of them that changed the welfare system in U.S. making it harder for black people.

Where's your representative leader in the U.S., for example, like the NCAAP to defend those who are less fortunate against injustice, racist, etc..?


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I support Wyclef for president

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