I DO NOT support Wyclef for President

Mj - August 12 2010, 8:40 AM

I have said this elsewhere, and I will say it again.

1. Wyclef has not resided continually in Haiti for the past 5 years, a requirement of the 1987 Constitution for someone to hold the Presidency.

No matter how many "trips" he takes to Haiti, he doesn't have a good understanding of the bigger picture for himself or Haiti.

He is just not the same kind of Haitian as someone born and raised and living in Haiti today.

He is, dare I use the word, "Djaspora."
2. Wyclef does not speak Kreyòl well, let alone French.

His English is okay, though.

3. Wyclef has publicly denounced Vodou as "superstition" in the past, but now seems to pay lip service to it through weak rara interpretations and other references.

No integrity.

4. Wyclef's organization is being investigated for improper business/accounting practices.

Not a good sign for his minute experiences.

5. Wyclef has admitted recently that he owes back taxes ($2.1 million).

Not a good sign for someone to be leading a country through the hardest moments in its history since the beautiful Revolution leading up to 1804.
6. Wyclef's support of the UN/US program for reconstruction of Haiti demonstrates his ignorance of what is truly needed to help Haiti recover from the earthquake and the 206 years of brutal history the people have faced (in one form or another).

Capitalism/neoliberalism/foreign investment is not going to develop Haiti.

It's going to develop the pockets of the rich.


A. Wyclef could be a good influence in the realms he knows best...music and generating attention toward issues related to Haiti.

B. I personally like some of Clef's music, and would like to hear more material like the Carnival and some of the material on Haiti 101.


I. The CEP hasn't even certified that Clef is legally able to run for President, so this might all be moot.
II. As I have US citizenship, I can't vote. Please consider my ideas, though, and if for some ridiculous reason the CEP decides that he can run, don't vote for Clef.

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