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Buzz - August 13 2010, 9:01 PM

I myself live in the U.S.and I can understand how you feel but life isn't getting easier any where, not in the U.S and certainly not Haiti.

If the US makes life harder for them, they should do for themselves, they should stop waiting for other countries to drop a dime in their plates, Why don't they learn from their neighbor, The Dumnican Republic and I do Say the Dumminican replublic.

they're not better than us, they took their indepence from us and yet they got farther than us, their Airport is magnifesant compare to oursa dump, their roads are clean, our are dirt.
They're plenty of people in Haiti that don't make the U.S. their home, but Let me ask you this question, why should you or myself, have to worry about some( zengle dou) trying to kidnap the next visitor living abroad theiy when come to Haiti, Does it make sense, I worked hard for what i have so if I choose to go to Haiti and want to enjoy the fruits of my labor, so be it.
The Welfare system was a joke don't blame Clinton for the change, in fact I'm all for it. Why should I have to wake in the morning go to work pay taxes so that someone who is capable to work, have their papaers in order yet, choose not to go to work and my tax dollar and your tax dollar pays their rent, put food on their table and yet their kids that you and I are supporting are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to rob those supporting them. I prefer "WORK FARE" the Welfare recepients should do something for their money.

So if Haiti and the people wants to see progress, they need to pick the right person for the job and the job that the next president is about to inherit insn't small, he needs to understand the responsibility that lies ahead of him, like rebuilding the country, where the people who lost their homes are going to be placed and will they be compensated, If you feel that any of the so call leaders wanna be in Haiti including Rene Preval himself can tackle those responsibilities, than show your votes, I vote Wyclef/Clinton.

I think the Haitian government should starts by excercising their power starts taxing the big guys on merchandises being import and export, I don't care who they're and the money collected should be invested in the people and the country for the country.

Do you think any of the leaders wanna be can do that, do you really think that they care for Haiti?, for them, it's all about how much they have in the bank or the car or house that their own, they don't about haiti or the people on the other hand, as a little guy, I employed 3 people in Haiti so I support some poeople back home. If the people of Haiti don't care aboutHaiti, what makes you think an outsider will...

Take former president Aristide for example which I have no respect for, the people's champion, he led the poors people to believe that they could get big returns on money invested in the so call (corperative) and in fact he took off with their money.

The people accepted him with open arm and in return, he betrayed them. If anything, Aristide was trully the president that could have helped Haiti and changed things around, Did he do that?

So, don't blame the outsiders, blame ourselves, accept constructive critism and just may be, we might start working in unity towards a better Haiti which I'm all for, cause I feel compfortable when I'm there (Lakaye se Lakaye).

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