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Perry Prichard - August 18 2010, 6:58 PM

Fond du Lac, WI resident, Perry Prichard is setting out to do what most think of as an impossible feat. He's going to ride his motocross bike on a motocross track for 24 consecutive hours.

When Prichard and his wife Melissa tell people what he is going to do, the first thing out of most mouths is, "...are you out of your mind?" Prichard would somewhat agree, but follows that up by adding that, it's worth it for such a great cause...

Prichard had a dream - a dream of combining his passions of riding motorcycles and providing help and relief for the people of Haiti.

That dream brought him to the idea of 24 Hours for Haiti, a fund raising event set to be held on Sept 11th and 12th at Gravity Park MX Track in Chilton, WI.

Just a few short months ago when Prichard was trying to come up with ways to raise money for Haiti to help with the relief of the devastating earth quake, some family members mentioned riding his motorcycle and having people pledge per hour or per lap. Well that simple comment spawned an amazing transformation into something really BIG.

As the event coordination began, an application was also sent to Guinness World Records to see if this was already a set record.

In a matter of 4 weeks, GWR replied stating this application would in fact be the first attempt to set the following record; The Most Continuous Laps on a Motocross Track by an Individual in 24 Hours"

Since receiving the acceptance by Guinness World Records, Prichard has been training like no other, spending hours upon hours with his trainers (Chad Kollmann and Derek Toshner) preparing for such a feat of endurance.

As can be attested to by others who have attempted feats of endurance, it's not just the training for physical conditioning, but also mental conditioning; the body will only take you so far, then you have to rely on shear mental strength and most importantly HEART.

Prichard has also stated -- if it wasn't for the kids which have now become friends, I don't know if I could do it, they are my true inspiration".

That inspiration began simply with a visit to Haiti, working with an organization called The Lazarus Project Haiti.

The organization facilitates 2 orphanages, a clinic, and two schools where the children are fed and housed, given medical treatment and provided with educational training.

Prichard has made several trips to the country since that initial visit and the man beams each time he shares the stories of his young friends there.

In addition to living in an orphanage, many of the children deal with significant physical challenges, "...they have so little and yet you never hear them complaining, where we have so much and grumble about the littlest things", He commented during a recent conversation.

Which brings us full circle to, "24 Hours for Haiti", what began as a thought in one man's mind, turned into a dream and has now become reality.

Please help one man accomplish his dream to raise money for the many, many kids in Haiti that just need some peace.

The organizing team is looking for event sponsors and companies willing to help and step out of their comfort zone and show the world that they care.
Prichard always says, "If a lot of people give a little bit, it will make a BIG difference to so many"

For additional information about the event or for interviews with Perry Prichard, please contact:


Melissa Prichard
Melissa.prichard at medtronic.com


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