warning for haiti

Gauthier Saintilus - September 14 2010, 4:30 PM

Greetings to everyone! Peace is with you all!

i announced the destruction of Gonaives before the flood as well as the catastrophic events of the January 12,2010 earthquake.

Unfortunately, nobody paid attention to me! How long have I to write or speak to the concerned Haitians and they did not listen to mmy advice?

Well, it is well with my soul! I will keep writing as long as I am connected with the Lord!

Here is another prophecy, in part, about Haiti.

a.>Before 2011, another catastrophic event is going to hit the impoverished nation! The sweeping strokes will be stronger trhan ever before!

b.>The two former kings of the North and their allies overrule the leaders of that Island and usurp its treasures.

But, the oppressed citizens of that land will cry out for help, and the Lord of the universe will rescue them from the kings' conspiracy!

c.>In order to save the kings' lives and others, they should contact me soon so that I would intercede on their behalf; othrwise, thay shall be swept off the land!

The main characters in this scenario are the two former kings of the North.

Who are they?

Please reply to me. Thanks.

God leads and bless Haiti!

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