RE: President Preval Says 'You have to help yourself'

D Mathon - November 12 2010, 12:25 PM

Preval is absolutely right..we need to stop begging and start using our brains instead of our mouths for crying out loud..The solution to our problems is not an international prescription, it is rather an indigeneous one..For 200 yrs we've been ridiculed by the international community because we never really envisionned a society in which we can coexist in spite of our differences
We can only blame ourselves for keeping us hostages

Wake up and smell the coffe..this is our last chance to get it right this time



President Preval Says 'You have to help yourself'

There was a tentative plan to shelter people in churches and sturdy public buildings, but President René...

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Wow! i dont thinik you've been to Haiti since January...

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