RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand-WHERE IS HE?

Jacqueline - November 16 2010, 9:33 PM

hello yvonne
how are you dealing with things in haiti ?! Well I would ask my mother for you but my parents have retired and at times my mother is not interested in discussing haiti with anyone ...

But if you'de like I can ask my dad and see what he says I do not live in california I live in nebraska so it will take a few days to contact him ok god bless you and work in haiti

sincerely Jacqueline

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Jacqueline, My husband Joel and I have been...


Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand-WHERE IS HE?

Jacques & Gladys Fourcand operated Mission Evangelique de la Trinite in Port-au-Prince for years. We are trying to...

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Yes, please ask your father if he remembers this. It...

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