"Operation Saving Haitian Lives"

James Carey - January 25 2011, 2:48 AM

The People's Organization for Progress, based out of Newark, NJ has a humanitarian program called "Operation Saving Haitian Lives," where they raise funds to purchase Oral Rehydration Salt to send to Ayiti to stop the spread of that dreadful cholera disease.

Since the program's two week inception, the organization has raised more than $1,500 dollars and sent over 18 cases of (ORS) to St. Marcs and St. Michel in Ayiti.

If there's any altruistic church or civic organization(s) who's interested in donating a check/money order, or simply starting their own salt program and would like for someone to come and make a presentation, can contact:

People's Organization for Progress
Post Office Box 22505
Newark, New Jersey 07101
Phone: (908) 576-5089

People's Organization for Progress

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