Haiti and the New Development Plans

Pierre C. Deshommes - April 8 2011, 11:35 AM

I would like to see more people coming with ideas of a Real, Durable and a Sustainable Development for Haiti.

Not until we recognize that we have to do our part first, Haiti will not reach its potentials.

It is about time that we come together to eliminate this Foreign Depency once for all.

We have enough to make it happens without begging from outside.

Our under Resources are ready to make it happens.

I am of those who believe that this Country will rise again, this time for good. However, we need to come together to create this favorable atmosphere, ambiance for its growth.

The time is riped for the Country to go forward.

The whole world is waiting for us to start then they will come forcefully to our support.

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Charle says...

Yes true that, we do need help more to improve Haiti. more »