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Hugues Gentillon - July 11 2011, 2:07 AM

A film conceived to reveal the source of the geopolitical instability in Haiti, a country that has 207 years of independence and 207 years of undeclared embargo.

Lakay is a narrative film conceived to target the source of the current geo-political situation in Haiti, a country that has 207 years of independence and 207 years of undeclared embargo.

The story is based on actual events.

In April 2010, CBS news reported $15 billion donated to rebuild Haiti, but 1.5 million Haitians are still homeless as of 2011. Where is the money?

Hollywood actor Sean Penn has already answered this question many months ago: "I don't believe in $11 billion.

I think that pledge money is smoke and mirrors that evaporate as the years go on..." Instead of helping the victims, now time and money are being wasted on investigating possible flaws in the death toll report released by the previous Haitian government...

After the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, televangelist Pat Robertson preached on CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) that Haiti is "cursed by a pact signed with the devil" in 1791. His message was subsequently broadcasted by a number of international news networks around the world.

Then he didn't feel ashamed to ask the world to donate money to CBN's disaster relief fund to help Haiti...

Yes, he is right about Haitian Vodou being a primitive religion, but will Christianizing the entire population of Haiti solve the country's problems?

Haitian Vodou and the "trust-no-one mentality" of the Haitian slaves that fought Napoléon's soldiers are not to be blamed for the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

Haiti's misfortune goes beyond the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) and even beyond "Bois Caïman" (the 1791 Vodou ceremony Pat Robertson mentioned on his news network soon after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake).

Haiti's geopolitical instability started in 1492, the year Christopher Columbus and pirates first set foot on the island of Hispaniola...

Lakay begins in the year 2011, presenting two UN military journalists, Kojo Onyekachukwu and his partner Simba Mamadou, investigating a potential conspiracy within the MINUSTAH.

They are being followed and photographed by a mysterious man...

Years earlier, 2007, Kojo dodges through his future antagonists: Red Cross volunteer dr. Abimbola Amubodem and dr. Kofi Tafari...

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