Hip Hop Kreyol 1vs Vol 1.

Mcclifford Genois - July 13 2008, 8:08 PM

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Hello My name is McClifford Genois, I was born april 25 and i live in NY, i have been in the music for quiet long time, about 10 years, knowing by many for example Tvice, Kreyol la, Karimi etc...It's a pleasure for me to present for the first time in HMI one of my artist and we are working on an album title Hip Hop Creole.

Why Hip Hop Creole?

We are choosing hip hop creole as a movement supported by Wyclef, Mecca aka Grimo and many, we would like to take this opportunity to send our condoleance to the Barik Crew and we are very shocked for the tragic accident and they will be in our prayer.

We are in the studio working hard on a music for BC. ...The album will be out soon, keep on posted and visit all haitian website.

Let me introdusce Diesel Leo.


Joseph M. Pierre AKA (Diesel Leo) was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Where he was raised to the age of 12 years old by his mother.

Her original intentions for her son were that he should become a Doctor.

He was enrolled in prestigious schools until the aftermath of Jean-Claude Duvalier dictatorship forced them to come to America.

Even from an early age, Diesel Leo showed an independent spirit, learning English quickly, and falling in love with all things America as to offer…especially the girls.

Being the only son of his family, he had plenty of time to indulge in his favorite activities: going to the movies (especially action movies,) listen to rap music, and konpa.

He decided that at the age of 16 that he could never be a Doctor, but he did have a burning desire to succeed and he started to play the piano, write songs and later joined a band. By the age of 24 he had picked up the microphone and discovered the joys of an MC. After seeing the thousands of screaming fans that move by his rhymes on his first concert at S.O.B’s, Diesel Leo knew that’s what he wanted to do with his life: He wanted to be the hottest Rap Artist on the planet.

From the beginning, his determination to succeed and his refusal to give up even in the face of impossible odds.

For booking:
Manager/Music Producer: McClifford Genois
Artist 1: Diesel Leo
Artist 2: Jimy Carter
Contact email: handcrafted2k8 at optimum.net
contact phone: 1800-946-3581 ext 0 or 718 285 5786

http://www.imeem.com/dieselleo/music/CgOlXh7m/ /

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