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Fouye - July 31 2008, 6:00 AM

According to online research it seems there are two casinos in Haiti, El Rancho Hotel & Casino as well as Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino

The El Rancho Hotel & Casino is open daily between 5 pm and 3 am and offers 13 table games, out of which blackjack occupies nine tables, poker is played at two tables, and roulette is practiced at two tables.

There Fifty slot machines at the El Rancho Hotel & Casino for the guests' entertainment.

The other Haiti casino, the Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino, is open between 9 pm until the last guest in the house leaves.

We also found out that the Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino has an area of 500 square feet made available for just the gambling facilities.

It is said to have 3 three blackjack tables, one Caribbean stud poker, and two roulette tables

as far as slot machine they say the Royal Haitian Hotel & Casino has 35 slot machines.

You know I didn't know that there were casinos in Haiti.

Have you ever been to one of these locations?

I would like you to tell me if this information is true of false

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Fouye says...

Is there a casino at the "El Rancho Hotel & Casino"? I went and visited the El Rancho Hotel website - - and there is... more »

Elisabeth Silvera Ducasse says...

Yes the El Rancho Hotel has a Casino that is run by an independant operator called Firmin Leriche. I do not know the... more »

Jean-robert Auguste says...

Yes there is a casino at El Rancho. At least there was one when I stayed there in 1995 while working in Haiti for the... more »