Haitians see pride hope and hero in Obama

Fouye - August 1 2008, 6:39 PM

"Many Haitians believe Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, if he becomes the first black U.S. president, could open a new chapter and help their unstable and impoverished Caribbean homeland.

Obama's candidacy has awakened a greater interest than any previous U.S. presidential race in Haiti, where rebel slaves defeated Napoleon Bonaparte's French army to claim independence in 1804 as the world's first black-ruled independent republic.

Many Haitians say they view Obama as an inspiration and a source of pride for black people around the world, and many view him as a kindred spirit."

This is a clip of a Reuters Article written by Joseph Guyler Delva, read the entire article at newsdaily.com/stories/n15472766-us.../


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