Barack Obama Speaks About Haitian Immigration

Fouye - August 1 2008, 7:06 PM

On the topic of Haitian Immigration to the United States Barack Obama said:

"It's harder for Haitians to immigrate [to the United States] than it is for persons from other countries in some cases.

That's something we need to prevent."

According to an article on Barack Obama said this while talking to an audience of journalist at a Journalists of Color convention in Chicago.

Haiti is not mention very often in US Presidential campaigns, most of the time Haiti is the last topic of the day, if at all mentioned.

To add the Haiti Immigration coment, Obama also said:

"We are a nation of immigrants and we are nation of laws. The problem that I see isn't the number of immigrants that are coming.

We are actually advantaged by the number of immigrants coming.

The fact that we're getting people who still want to come to this country and live out the American dream, that's all good."

What does the this mean for Haitian Immigrants?

Time will tell.

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