RE: Adler Volmar Haitian Judo Athlete In Olympics 08

Jean-robert B. Auguste - August 14 2008, 8:08 AM

Adler Volmar was born in Miami, that makes him an American.

Under the Haitian constitution he cannot have two nationalities and therefore cannot be Haitian.

People who are born outside of Haiti are considered Haitians only when it is convenient for Haiti and its pauvre d'esprit natif natals.

That is hypocrisy to the max. Remember senator Boulos who got kicked out of the Haitian parliament for having been born in the USA?


Adler Volmar Haitian Judo Athlete In Olympics 08

Adler Volmar is the name of the Haitian Judo Athlete who is competing for the U.S. Judo Team in the 2008 Olympics in...

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