Tropical Storm Gustav Will Hit Port Au Prince Haiti

Fouye - August 26 2008, 1:32 AM

Forecasts suggested the eye of Tropical Storm Gustav could pass close to the capital, Port-au-Prince, home to nearly 3 million people.

Hurricane warnings are already in effect in Haiti

Looking at the projected path of Tropical Storm Gustav, it may hit most of Haiti.

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Obert Jules says...

Well, just as we known haiti is a fragile country that it's have not physical infrastructure for support a storm of... more »

Madda says...

Good afternoon Saint Preux,it's a pleasure;thank you I will appreciate more »

Ninon says...

it's scary, I hope the authorities are working to help the population we need to pray. here is a great organisation to... more »

Boursiquot Emmanuel Evans says...

sos la vallA¬©e de jacmel help help aide aide ma famille mes amis et tous les Haitiens ont besoin d'un pont pour... more »