RE: Gonaives Haiti Is Under Water Again?

Richard M Joseph Iii - September 2 2008, 11:38 AM

According to the Associated Press, hurricane Gustav has taken 59 lives in Haiti, mostly in the southwest part of the country.

Port-au-Prince was hit too, but a landslide might have caused the death of man...

Haiti's Southwest region took the first hit and then the storm made its way through to Port-au-Prince and headed towards Gonaïves. Gustav was traveling in about 95km/h or 58.03mp/h when it made landfall in the Southwest of Haiti, so it wasn't that strong.

However, any storm that passes over Haiti, whether it's powerful or not, it always trash the country.

Gustav may have not trash Gonaïves as hurricane Jeanne has done in 2004 taking about 3,000 lives but rest assured that this city has been flooded.


Gonaives Haiti Is Under Water Again?

There is rummor that the city of Gonaives Haiti is under water again. This is not in the news yet but it seems to be...

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