St Michel De Latalaye Haiti is Flooded

Fouye - September 3 2008, 10:03 AM

St Michel De Latalaye Mayor Lisette Casimir report that it is still raining, many houses are destroyed.

At least two schools have been turned into emergency shelters in St Michel De Latalaye and there are more than 200 people in these emergency shelters.

Known Casualties: A wall fell on 2 kids, they are badly injured but they are alive.

they have been taken to the hospital.

St Michel De Latalaye is cut off from the rest of Haiti

Required Intervention: The mayor reports that there is no way for them to feed the people in the shelters, it is still raining and and road condition to enter the city is terribly affected by the storm.

If you are from the area of St Michel, call your loved ones and se how you can help them.

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