RE: Both Haiti Prime Ministers Escape Death

Ti Ba - September 3 2008, 7:30 PM

This proves already lack of judgment, brain damaged, stupidity, incompetence and the mediocrity in the part of the prime minister Michelle Pierre-Louis.

The whole convoy should have been flushed down the toilet or down the bottom of the ocean by the flood water.

It would really be a good day for Haiti.

Haven't these cave people heard of helicopter?

People with brain know you don't visit or essess damages from natural desasters by car, foot, or horse back especially while the desaster is so current.

I understand the government doesn't own nor can afford an helicopter, but I am sure the MINUSTAH would be very happy to let them use one of their fleet.

Why didn't they ask is beyond me!

Will that near death experience teach these morons anything?

I doubt it very much. You would think that this experience will open their eyes and get the government attention to build a solid road infrastructure with bridges, etc...etc..., but that is never going to happen.

Remember hurrican Joanne?

Gonaives is still the same as Joanne left it a few years ago.


Both Haiti Prime Ministers Escape Death

Both Haitian Prime Ministers, Michelle Pierre Louis and Jacques-Edouard Alexis, escape death on their way back from...

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