RE: MINUSTAH Has Finally Entered Gonaives Haiti

Demagogue - September 6 2008, 7:24 PM

Do you think all Haitians are stupid?

Why don't you have the courage to look in the direction of one of the currently most influent politician in Haiti?

Doesn't Yuri Latortue suppose to be the senator that represents Gonaives.

It is amazing that politicians with no accomplishments, no posititive record and without any courage to even try to help their constituents, can with audacity looks to lead the country.

It is time for most of our politicians to look at themselves in a mirror in order to recognize themselves and figure out what's their real political worth.

The end result is for them not trying to lie, because the truth is so evident.

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That is exactly how Aristide and Preval wanted it to...


MINUSTAH Has Finally Entered Gonaives Haiti

United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti - MINUSTAH - has Finally Entered the City of Gonaives Haiti to begin...

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