Haitian Relief Task Force Sending Aid To Haiti

Fouye - September 7 2008, 3:38 AM

Help is coming from the Haitian-American Community in a Huge C-5 US Military Aircraft.

This help is coming from an Umbrella group called the Haitian Relief Task Force.

The Haitian Relief Task Force includes organizations such as Konbit Neg Lakay in Spring Valley NY, the Rockland Immigration Coalition, the Ramapo Town Haitian Relief Task Force, the Haitian-American Cultural and Social Organization, St. Joseph's Church, IFG Productions, and Haiti Solidarité, a Union, NJ nonprofit organizaiton.

Haitian community leaders gathered in Spring Valley NY, with the support of the Spring Valley town officials are getting together to send help to Haiti because of the current crisis in Haiti.

In a recent news report by the Associated Press, it seems they are "in talks with the state to secure an Air Force C-5 cargo plane for the transport".

The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is an American military transport aircraft designed to provide strategic heavy airlift over intercontinental distances and to carry outsize and oversize cargo.

The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy one of the largest military aircraft in the world.

The Haitian Relief Task Force is collecting goods until September 30. The cargo plane is expected to head for Haiti on October 10.

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Mindy Barry says...

Where can I drop things off and what do they need? I'm going to try and organize a collection from some of my friends... more »

Woodring says...

If you plan to start a collection for Haiti go to and post all the info. This is where we are collecting info to... more »

D.g. says...

I am looking to donate clothes and food. I have no money as I am very unemployed. If someone could provide me with... more »

Woody says...

If you want to donate food or clothing to people in Haiti, go to to find out which drop off locatio is nearest you... more »

Jean P. says...

I have to say that the initiative is a great initative for the Haitian relief efforts. I remember 4 years ago during... more »