RE: Gonaives Haiti

Colette Jacques - September 8 2008, 5:34 AM

I am asking every Haitian to contact their local red cross to send anything they can and the items they do not need. The Red Croos will give Tax Return Credit but do not forget to mention Haiti.

Show your solidarity for the Haitien People at need. Haiti needs the help of everyone now no matter how small it is clothings, can food, water, surgical item, vitamin, soap, Haitien who are in need will be pleased to know that we are part of the participation.

Please let's help your fellow brothers and sisters.

Also everyone should be prepared for any type of emergency in the the future for anyone of us can be affected anytimes now. We must prepare an emergency kit at all times where all our important papers can be found easily.


Peace and Love
Colette jacques

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