Haiti Black People No Oil No Help

Fouye - September 8 2008, 11:21 AM

The United States and George Bush has pledge one billion dollars to help Georgia after an assault by the Russians while, less than two hours away from U.S. soil Haiti is flooded by hurricane Hanna, hundreds of people are dying, without food and water, and the the republicans do nothing.

Is it because Haitian has black people and no oil?

One YouTube user has a comment about that, watch this video

Transcript of the Youtube Video (courtesy of Fouye.com):

It's always said that the war in Iraq is not about oil, it it's a war about doing the right thing, about changing the regime, about bringing democracy, freedom, about helping people.

Of course that same help has never applied to Darfur or other areas.

But currently, this is a perfect example for America to show that it stands for the right thing, that the bush administration, Cheney, Republicans, Democrats, can pull together and help where help is needed.

Georgia received one billion dollars, right beside America, the island of Hispaniola where Haiti is, Haiti, very close to America, has been under assault by hurricanes.

There are hundreds of thousands of people homeless, hundreds of people have died, and there are more hurricanes coming.

Now, I know that Haiti does not have oil, there is no oil pipe lines there.

It doesn't have the right colored people, meaning that...

I'll get right to the point:

I believe that Haiti is not getting aid because it it black, Georgia has white people, it is right next door to Russia and America believes, or the Republicans believe in helping people of their own, their own kind, that is why that is happening, oil, and that it's the right kind of people.

Haiti does not have oil an it is not the right kind of people.

I wanna see George Bush, I wanna see the republicans and democrats get together and start a drive and gather up one billion dollars like they gave to Georgia to help out the people in Haiti, there are orphanages, there are people starving, dying, bodies floating, this is happening right now and Haitian is so close to America that the aid could be there within literally days, it that, because airplanes could because airplanes could be taking off from Florida, California, all over, they could be delivering aid to be handed out.

Why will they not do it for Haiti when they do it for Georgia?

Let's get the priorities straight.

America has a moral obligation not only to look after countries that has oil and the right kind of people but to look after people in other areas or else shut the hell up George Bush, shut the hell up republicans and say what is actually the truth out there that you are interested in oil and that you are interested in thing that important out there, not vital interest, but your pocket book, that's what it comes down to.

It that's not the case then gather up the equivalent of what Georgia is getting, one billion dollars, and send it to Haiti.

Thank you.

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