he used to be on tele haite- pastor fourcand=?

By: Woody Houser - September 8 2008, 9:54 PM

Jacques & Gladys were the hosts of the TBN PRAISE THE LORD PROGRAM for years.

They had a mission in City Solei.

Does anyone know where they are now?



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Jacqueline Youngmark says...

hello we are doing fine thank god but we have not been in haiti for many many years my parents have since retired and... more »

Brenda Somes says...

Jacqueline!! I looked for you and your parents with the heartbreaking earthquake in Haiti. I have not known where any... more »

Jacqueline Youngmark says...

hello im jacqueline youngmark (fourcand) their daughter they are doing fine they live in california im not at liberty... more »