US Hospital Ship USS Kearsarge Is In Haiti

Fouye - September 9 2008, 1:18 AM

The United States Southern Command, SOUTHCOM, diverted the USS Kearsarge from its current position off the coast of Colombia to provide humanitarian assistance to Haiti which has been getting hit by every hurricane this season.

USS Kearsarge is a Navy hospital ship that is equipped with four operating rooms and 53 beds.

USS Kearsarge arrived Haiti yesterday and will begin supporting U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) assistance to Haiti.

USS Kearsarge Kearsarge support to Haiti includes the movement of cargo and equipment between Port-au-Prince and Gonaives, Jeremie, Saint Marc, Port de Paix, Jacmel and Les Cayes.

Helicopters from the Kearsarge have begun flying to identify suitable landing sites.

Eight helicopters and three landing craft (with an approximate combined capacity to carry 253 metric tons of cargo) aboard the ship will be used to deliver relief supplies.

This is according to a press release posted on the southern comand website

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