Sanitation Problem In Gonaives Haiti

Fouye - September 12 2008, 7:53 AM

In Haiti there are no sanitary sewers, a system of pipes used to transport human waste, instead most houses in Haiti has an outhous, a little house in the back corner of the property with a hole underneath to house human waiste.

The first thing that happens when a city like Gonaives Haiti is flooded is that ALL these holes filled with Human waste all over the city are flooded and all that human waste start flowing freely in the city.

The flooding of Gonaives and other Haitia cities causes sewage to mingle with the floodwaters.

Reuters reports that there are many pwoplw in the temporary shelters in who claim to have no choise but to defecate into plastic bags and fling them into the street.

The flooding problem in Haiti is far from over

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