Digicel Will Donate 1 Million Dollars To Haiti

Fouye - September 14 2008, 5:59 PM

Haitian Cell Phone Company Digicel commits US$1 million to support the hurricane relief efforts in Haiti.

Here is how money will be distributed:

- Digicel will give US$400,000 of aid support to Haitian Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to get aid to some of the worst-affected areas of Haiti.

- Digicel will give US$400,000 of free minutes and other mobile services to their Haitian customers in the worst affected areas of Haiti.

- Digicel will give US$200,000 of direct aid distribution across Haiti to families who are affected by the recent hurricanes.

Here is a statement from Digicel CEO Colm Delves:

"Since we launched in Haiti in May 2006, the Haitian people have made us their own. As a part of the Haitian community, we are saddened by the devastation that has been caused to Haiti and its people by the storms and want to do everything we can to help with the relief efforts."

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