RE: The 4 Storms That Sinked Haiti Further In Poverty

Jean-robert B. Auguste - September 15 2008, 3:45 PM

You claim "God must be mad at us because mother nature is ripping us to shreds!"

Most unfortunate statement.

Mother nature is ripping whole lot of other places to shreds, not just us. But us in Haiti took the brunt.

We have cut down all our forests.

Our mountains are denuded.

Erosion galore! We have no sanction or prohibition against people building flimsy shacks on river banks, on mountain sides, in ravines, and even dry river beds. We have no population control.

No respect for the authorities.

When we are told to evacuate it is only a suggestion, not a legal order.

There are no prevention of any sort. We love Haiti and yet we throw our plastic jina bottles all over the ground.

Our garbage is everywhere and even floats as far away as DR, Cuba, Jamaica, the Bahamas.

We are out of control.

We are not focused nor organized.

Those are some of the reasons mother nature hits us harder than most other countries.

Your concept of God has nothing to do with any of that.


The 4 Storms That Sinked Haiti Further In Poverty

Not long ago there was food riots in Haiti because the Haitian population could not afford the growing food prices in...

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