Target Donations Directly to Liancourt Ecole!!!!!

Jana Newton - September 20 2008, 8:18 PM

Food is not reaching Liancourt, in the Artibonite region of Haiti.

Urgent request to C.A.M: beans, rice and oil to:
Kinson Destinvil, director Ecole: the Insitution Mixte Destinvil,
Liancourt Barrierre Castera.

Vis-a Vis Centre de Sante
Phone: 011- 509- 788- 5929 email:Kensondestinvil at
(561) 404-4085
US contact: jana newton cell: (561) 509-5614 email: jewelrygoddess at
As of Sept. 20th, no food or aid of any kind has reached the 370 students who will hopefully attend school in October.

These beautiful, bright children need food now! please help! Prof. Destinvil has the cookware needed to convert dried beans, rice and the oil into plates of hot food. Target your donations directly and you will recieve photos and replies from jana in Florida.

I visited the school in April 2008, and at that time little ones put anything they could find into their mouths and students put their heads down, unable to function.

Kinson tells me often he would go to his students homes to bring them to school, because of their hunger they would be ashamed to go. Sometimes out of economic need, parents keep children home from school.

Kinson built the school 7 years ago and will not turn a child away who is "without the possibility." to pay a meager 10.00 per month tuition.

Haitians are wonderful, intelligent, hardworking, religious people with tremendous family values.

God Bless Haiti, and God Bless you for taking the time to read this plea. Sincerely, jana newton

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