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Joanne Desir - September 20 2008, 11:09 PM

Mme Colette Jacque on her show last Friday advised everyone to assure that this time around the entire collection goes to Haiti with no stop along the way. She interviewed the International Director of the Red Cross from washington who explained why it is necessary to sent donation now to Haiti.

later on the same show she had the Haitien National Red Cross director who apoke in creole to the audience in New-York.

The address to find out were to bring or send your donation is the US is 100 Red Cross and donation can also go direcly to Haitien Red Cross in Haiti.

Mme Colette Jacques explained that it has been too long since the people of Gonaives have been in despair.

She explained that on her father side she is from Gonaives.

The jacques, the Legros, the Baudain, The sajous, Casimir are all related to her .She is working to make Gonaives a better place she is doing her best to motivate but you the old rats in New-york do not like her involment but she is standing firm to assure that noone take advantage of the situation.

She told that she will be washing very close the move on New-York for their many people collecting.

for Gonaive.

I want to thank her for her effort .Although some people were trying to intimidate her but she promised that she will be keeping a close eye on them and asked all who intent to do Haiti wrong this time out to think twice.

What a woman! May God bless her.


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