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Fouye - September 23 2008, 7:01 PM

Have you seen T-Vice's Official website?

It's really nice, I just found it

The URL for the new T-Vice website is Vice2K.com

I paid them a visit and found out that Roberto Martino and Reynaldo Martino were only 13 and 13 when they decided to put the band together when they mom Jessie, wife of the legendary Robert Martino, said no way, no how no band.

Later when Jessie realise how passionate they were, she decided to allow it as long as she is the manager of T-Vice, the new band.

I guess she wanted to keep a close eye on her two boys, Roberto and Reynaldo.

How the Name T-Vice was born:

After the birth of their no-name band, fans of their father started to call them T-Vice because their father Robert Martino was a member of Top Vice.

In 1994, T-Vice officially released their first album Kompa Kontak.

If you want to know more about T-Vice, visit their new official website: Vice2k.com

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