Zemidjan To All Taxi Moto Drivers in Haiti

Fouye - September 24 2008, 9:14 AM

While checking for taxi moto info on Fouye and youtube we found a cool african taximoto video by african group Toofan.

Here is it, dedicated to all the Haitian Taxi Moto drivers (Zemidjans) in Haiti:

Video is called "Taxi Moto (Zemidjan).

" A Zemidjan is a type of taxi found in Benin.

Zemidjans are motorcycles that carry one to two passengers for short distances within towns.

The fares are entirely negotiable.

The drivers wear uniforms that are color-coded by city, and have registration numbers written on the back. The name "Zemidjan" derives from the Fon language where zemidjan means "get me there fast" or "take me quickly".

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