Haitian Bus Driver in NY Runs a School In Haiti

Fouye - September 26 2008, 7:33 AM

Lucia Anglade is a Haitian bus driver in Suffolk County NY; she made the news today as "The Huntington bus driver who runs a school of her own in Haiti."

Here is clip form the Article:

"The more inquisitive parents in Huntington may know that the school bus driver they entrust with their precious cargo has five children of her own. They may even know that this woman who speaks with an accent grew up in a small town in northern Haiti.

What they almost certainly do not know is that Lucia Anglade, a 44-year-old resident of West Babylon, has founded, funded and fostered a four-room schoolhouse in Haiti, a country known for its poverty, its violence and, most recently, its intense hunger and devastating floods.

Over the past seven years, Anglade has created a school on her childhood farm, making sure desperately poor children get the food, books and education that elude a large portion of Haiti's children."

Read more: newsday.com/community/news/northsh...


Children at the Eben Ezer School welcome Lucia Anglade with excitement as they see pictures of themselves from past visits.

(Photo by Amy Miller)

See all the other news pictures of her school here:

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