RE: Haiti School Colapse At Least 75 Students Dead

By: Pernel Adonis (replying to topic) - November 8 2008, 3:18 PM

This news make me very sad because I was going to schools in Haiti too also its my native country I love this country to much, so for this collapsed we need to ask the power country for help because when it about education or those accident like that they can Haiti.

For me I am gone at make show to say that in the radio from new york especially brooklyn to get some help from the differents djespora.

My name is Pernel Adonis thats why I can say because I don't have a money to help my country for thi accident, in the future it shall be happy for me to help my country.


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Haiti School Colapse At Least 75 Students Dead

A three story School building in Haiti colapsed yesterday in Petion Ville Haiti and at least 75 Haitian school... [more]