RE: Haiti School Colapse At Least 75 Students Dead

Taty - November 9 2008, 10:07 AM

I think this story is one of the saddest stories we heard everyday about our motherland Haiti.

My heart and prayer goes to the parents of those children and the families that lost somebody during this tragedy.

I think it's time for the government to check the construction of many schools throughout the country because when I saw the news I remember the building of my High School in Carrefour, kouman li delabre.

If the government don't act right now to regulate construction of school building, I am sorry to say this will not be the last tragedy we'll hear. Like Preval said the Haitian people need to start listen to their governors.

They're always complaining that, leta pa fe anyen pou nou, but go ahead tell them do not construct school like that, do not build houses close to the rivers, the'll not listen.

As a matter of fact, let's take the situation of the canape-vert market.

The mairie build a big market for those people, but they prefer to put their selling outside, making the zone a high risk zone with car accidents.And guess what?

They found people to find their stuff lay in the ground.

We need to understand that what's happening in Haiti right now is the fault of all Haitian people, including me. Tankou pwoveb la did: ou pa fe krim nan men ou patisipe ladan li. Je ne sais vraiment pas quoi dire. On dirait que nous les Haitiens sont destines a souffrir incommensurablement, a compter a n'en finir des cadavres parmi nous. Maintenant persone n'est a l'abri dans ce pays, a cause de la mauvaise structure que nous les Haitiens, whether you believe me or not, ont bati autour de nous.
Que Dieu soit avec nous
God bless Haiti
Bondye beni fanmi viktim yo.


Haiti School Colapse At Least 75 Students Dead

A three story School building in Haiti colapsed yesterday in Petion Ville Haiti and at least 75 Haitian school...

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